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Research & Quality

The Patient Experience at Spine Colorado

At Spine Colorado, we strive to create the best possible experience for our patients. This experience starts before the first visit to our office. Our team follows a standard process to schedule our patients. This means, as a patient, you can expect an efficient phone call and scheduling experience, focused on conservative care first and foremost. Once in the office, our providers continue to follow a proven protocol-driven approach based on current best practices in spine healthcare. Our providers’ commitment to specialty societies, in-house research, and clinical trials, not only keeps our practice current on the latest methodologies, techniques and innovations, but also allows us to contribute to these advancements. Lastly, our providers work cooperatively with primary care providers, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals at the hospital and in the community, to ensure the best possible care is given to our patients.

We Care About Our Patients’ Satisfaction

To verify that our patients are receiving outstanding care, we monitor patient satisfaction using a national survey tool with proven methods and results to assess the services we provide.

This survey tool focuses on the following areas:





Wait times



National Spine Registry

Our providers participate in a national registry to help assess our patients’ health. The registry focuses on Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs): screening tools that focus on our patients’ overall quality of life and specifically relate to their spine health. The registry allows us to benchmark against our peers across the country. Through registry participation, we combine nationwide patient feedback with clinical information to improve future care models.

As a patient, you may be asked to complete these screening tools from time to time. Your answers are important in helping us to continually improve. We thank you for your time and feedback!

Research at Spine Colorado

In 2000, Spine Colorado developed a successful research department which has authored and contributed to numerous publications, successfully managed over twenty clinical trials, and implemented various in-house studies. Visit for a comprehensive list of studies that Spine Colorado participates in. You can also read our publications on We also perform retrospective studies as a method of evaluation for improvement. With these studies we evaluate different instrumentation, medical devices and protocols to assess which one provides the best patient outcome.

Through efforts in research, Spine Colorado has become a leader in spine healthcare, offering patients the opportunity to actively participate in their own health treatment and to also help others through their contribution to medical research.

Important Information for Research Participants

Our studies are reviewed by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). An IRB reviews research to protect the rights and welfare of people who take part in research. If you have problems, concerns, suggestions, questions, or information about a study you are participating in, or if you want information regarding research subjects’ rights, please call the Catholic Health Initiatives Institute for Research and Innovation Institutional Review Board (CHIRB IRB) at 1-844-626-2299. Catholic Health Initiatives Institute for Research and Innovation Institutional Review Board (CHIRB IRB) is a group of people who perform independent review of research. Do not contact the IRB for questions about clinic visits or procedures.

Financial Interests of Physicians

Surgeons of Spine Colorado, PC provide consulting and research for the development of spine implants and improvement of surgical instruments and techniques, and provide instructional lectures on spine implants, techniques, guidelines for care, and patient outcomes. All of the physicians at Spine Colorado are actively engaged in the study of activities and treatments that may result in better pain relief and a return to a satisfying daily life.

For efforts in product development, research, and consulting activities, the physicians at Spine Colorado sometimes receive payments from spine companies, including consulting fees, distributions, royalties, research grant funding, and educational grant funding. The surgeons have financial arrangements with some companies that manufacture spinal implants, and these implants may be used in your surgery. The selection of which implant to use or prescribe is based only on what is best for the patient, not on which company makes the product. And, when an implant is used in surgery on a patient of Spine Colorado, PC, the involved surgeon(s) and his partners receive no payment or royalties from the implant company for use of that implant.

A full record of Spine Colorado physicians’ financial arrangements with private companies is available at this website:

Notice to Patients About Three Springs MRI

Spine Colorado, PC is part owner of Three Springs MRI. The federal government requires that physicians who have ownership interest in an MRI inform patients of that ownership interest.

You have the right to choose to have your MRI provided at an other facility of your choice. If you would like to receive services at another facility we would be happy to provide you with a referral.

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