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Non-Invasive Options

There are a number of treatments that can be helpful in treating back or neck pain, and many of these can be done at home. Some common treatments that are often tried before more invasive procedures include:

Physical Therapy offers a number of different techniques that can effectively treat or relieve pain. These include core strengthening exercises, stretching, dry needling, ultrasound, and many others. We will provide a prescription and work closely with specialized spine physical therapists to customize your individual treatment plan.

Medical Massage can be a very effective treatment to help patients with muscular issues often experienced by spine patients. While this can provide effective relief, we often use this in conjunction with other non-invasive treatments to help our patients. While most traditional insurance plans will not cover massage, we can provide a prescription if appropriate, which may allow for reimbursement or use of HSA funds.

Staying Active by walking is one of the best activities you can do to help maintain the flexibility and strength of your spine. We encourage our patients to strive for at least a mile walked per day.

Ice and Heat can provide effective pain and inflammation management. Please consult us for appropriate treatment regimens.

Ergonomics have been shown in multiple studies to have an effect on your health. Sitting for long periods can be particularly harmful. Acknowledging this and moving more frequently or using a standing desk can provide relief.

We are happy to discuss these options at your visit with our office. We have found that 90% of our patients find relief through non-surgical treatments, and we look forward to helping you find the right treatment plan.

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