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One Mercado Street, Suite 200 Durango, CO 81301
Phone: 970.382.9500
Fax: 970.375.0007

Mission Statement and Vision Statement


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Spine Colorado is committed to providing the patients in the Four Corners Area with timely access to the most comprehensive, knowledgeable, professional, respectful, and compassionate musculoskeletal services available. Our medical group is committed to ethical and highly competent treatment of all patients in a fiscally appropriate and responsible manner.


As the needs and preferences of our patients and customers become apparent, Spine Colorado will grow and increase the depth of services to be provided to the Four Corners area through the offering of alternative and complementary Musculoskeletal services.

Our History; Nearly 50 Years of Caring and Innovation

In the early 1960ís Durango Orthopedic Associates, the parent organization to Spine Colorado, was founded. Our physicians built the medical group on and have perpetuated a tradition of respectful caring for each and every patient and their family. The well trained, up to date and fully credentialed Spine specialists at Spine Colorado have always believed advances in technology and treatments that enhance and improve patient comfort, communication and clinical outcome, can and would be implemented throughout the medical group. Spine Colorado has evolved into a technologically advanced and patient focused center of excellence in spine care.






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The pictures displayed in www.spinecolorado.com are images of actual patients and employees who have consented to have their picture in this website.

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