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One Mercado Street, Suite 200 Durango, CO 81301
Phone: 970.382.9500
Fax: 970.375.0007

Spine Center of Excellence


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Spine Centers of Excellence utilize a multidisciplinary case management approach that makes use of clinical protocols and specialists who dedicate themselves to understanding the most advanced treatment methods for a particular problem. Centers of excellence typically involve individuals who are "fellowship trained," the highest level of training available for surgeons. The Centers of Excellence also integrate all diagnostic tools and treatments related to a specific problem.

Spine Colorado, for example, is a spine center of excellence. It includes Jim Youssef, M.D., Douglas Orndorff, M.D., Amir Abtahi, M.D., Cyril Bohachevsky, M.D. and James Santos, MD. Spine Colorado has spine surgeons, physical medicine physicians, manual therapists, RNs, diagnostic tools and other treatments all under one roof. The intent is to provide a variety of highly effective non-surgical solutions for the back and neck pain sufferer. It is this multidisciplinary  approach that results in the best patient outcomes.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM & R), or physiatry, is a specialty that excels in getting back pain sufferers back to activity without surgery. Typically, the most advanced spine centers in the United States use physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM & R) physicians as experts in non-surgical treatment of spine problems. Their training focuses on understanding how posture, walking, standing and sitting all affect the spine. They are the nation's recognized experts in curing back and neck strain — without surgery.

What is Specialized Therapy?

A Center of Excellence should feature necessary treatments and diagnostic technology all under one roof, so a back pain sufferer is not required to travel around for various services. For example, instead of getting a prescription for physical therapy and having to drive across town to a physical therapy clinic that divides its time and expertise among elbows, sore knees and sore shoulders, SpineColorado includes consulting manual therapists on-site, who are proficient in treating spine problems. Consequently, these therapists attend advanced educational programs to stay current with the most advanced back treatments, something a general therapist would be unable to do. A manual therapist is a physical therapist who has completed advanced education in specific areas. It is the highest level of training available for a physical therapist.

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Research has shown that complex problems like back pain are treated more successfully through a multidisciplinary approach, involving the best aspects of many complementary back specialists. The strength of SpineColorado lies in the medical expertise brought by a variety of additional complementary specialists, like physical medicine, orthopedic surgery, on-site consulting physical therapy, neuropsychologists, neurologists, etc.

What Are Protocols?

Through the use of written clinical protocols, physicians take a uniform approach to managing injured backs. This ensures that no one will get unnecessary or premature surgery.

A patient who goes to a center that does not utilize clinical protocols will notice that he or she may get a different diagnosis and treatment recommendation if they see two different doctors in the same clinic, or if they come back for a second visit. Written protocols ensure quality in health care.

Spine Colorado protocols eliminate diagnostic tests and uncomfortable procedures when they really are not necessary. This saves the patient unnecessary pain, discomfort and money. Clinical protocols act as guidelines to ensure that the right thing is done, at the right time, every time. In a sense, having such protocols helps ensure all physicians in the center are practicing the same kind of medicine the best medicine.


Surgical Treatment Options

In the multidisciplinary treatment approach that is Spine Colorado, accurate diagnosis is critical and less invasive non surgical options can be utilized in nearly all instances. However, trauma, severe acuity and life threatening conditions, as well as the inability to benefit from previously applied less invasive treatment options, can require that Surgical Treatment Options be utilized. In a recent year of data collections, it was determined that only 11% of patients at Spine Colorado required Surgical Treatment. This is a surgical rate that is much lower than other Spine and Back treatment centers with a comparable complex patient population.

When Spine Surgery is necessary, the results at Spine Colorado and Mercy Medical Center can be quite impressive. Some procedures such as the Microdiscectomy, can be performed in the Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Center. Other Lumbar and Cervical Procedures are performed at the Orthopedic and Spine Center of Excellence at Mercy Regional Medical Center. Both facilities adjoin the Spine Colorado Center of Excellence which allows the Surgeons at Spine Colorado to provide continual hands on monitoring and round the clock caring for all post surgical patients.

Comprehensive Care for Spine Conditions has included, but is not limited to;

  • Cervical Radiculopathy

  • Deformity

  • Lumbar Degenerative Conditions

  • Osteoporotic Fractures

  • Scoliosis (Adult and Pediatric)

  • Cervical, Lumbar, and Total Disc Arthoplasty

  • Trauma

  • Tumors

  • Spinal Stenosis






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